Open hardware and software resources
  As part of our research we have developed an array of open source hardware and software solutions that we are eager to share.

Bpod: an open platform for behavioral measurement and control

Bpod is an open source platform for real-time behavioral control and measurement. The main device is an Arduino shield microcontroller that interfaces with various stimulus control and measurement accessories for behavior, such as ports, levers and sensors.The software component consists of a finite state machine-based description language for behavioral tasks and a Matlab client. Instructions for assembly and deployment can be found here.

Bpod accessories for rodent behavioral research

We have a range of Bpod accessories for control, measurement and interfacing with data acquisition.

PulsePal: A low-cost programmable pulse generator for physiology and behavior

Pulse Pal (Master-6) is an open source stimulator for generating high-precision voltage pulses. We mainly use for optogenetic stimulation. For detailed description please read our Pulse Pal paper. Documentation and instruction for assembly can be found here.

Open source software

Software is available at our lab repository